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Planning your Kitchen Renovation

If you are building a new home or renovating an existing one, the kitchen is the room that we want to be attractive plus functional. With a bit of planning, Copp’s can make your dream kitchen a reality.

1. Do your research

Having an idea of what you want in your space is imperative. Visit our showroom, watch design shows, scan through magazines or Pinterest, and look online to start to get a sense of your style and what is available. You don’t need to have every detail chosen, but having a vision of design and layout is a great start.

2. Budget

From doing your research you should be able to determine the extent of your project. Are you updating existing items like your countertop only or are you planning a complete overhaul on the entire space? Use your notes from earlier to create an itemized list of what you prioritized. With an idea of your overall budget we can help tailor the project to make sure as many of your “wants” are included in the project.  
You should also consider a contingency fund for hidden costs. Plumbing and electrical deficiencies may creep up that need to be handled. Plan on roughly 5% -10% of the overall project cost and add this into your budget. 
Roughly, your cabinets, counter and installation will be about 55% of your total cost. Flooring will be around 8%. Demolition, appliance hook ups, painting, electrical (if required) 30% and appliances 7% of overall budget. These are rough estimates and will depend entirely on materials selected.


3. Appliances

Before ordering any cabinetry, your choice of appliances will be a factor. Double door fridge? 6 burner cooktop? Built-in espresso maker? All of these need to be worked into the overall design and can affect plumbing and electrical requirements. When selecting your appliances be sure to consider size, finish, features and your budget. Appliances need to be confirmed when designing for correct space allowances. 

4.    Priorities & Expectations

Again from your research you should be able to determine the features that you want in your design. Is an island at the top of your list or is it a desk area or a coffee station? You know the needs of your household and how you live in the space so prioritizing will be your decision. Having said that, you also must manage your expectations.  An island may need more space than you have, but maybe incorporating your table into the island would work. A quartz countertop may exceed the budget but a laminate option can work instead.  Needs and wants start to play an important factor. 

5.    Timelines

Kitchen renovations are definitely a disruption to any household. A large kitchen reno can vary in time greatly depending on the scale of work.* But by working with an experienced designer and coming out with a well thought out plan with precise measurements before the demo begins is a sure way to have the project run smoothly.  

*“According to a 2020 U.S. Houzz & Home study exploring remodelling trends in 2019 and 2020, kitchen renovation projects took, on average, 8.3 months of planning time and 4.5 months of actual construction time. Figuring out where your own project falls on that timeline depends largely on two things: the intended scope of your renovation (which, for the most part, is within your control) and the unexpected (which, for the most part, is not).”


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